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At Avid, we understand the value and importance of capturing ideas and feedback from our community and strive to collaborate on innovative solutions and capabilities for future releases. In doing so, Avid has been reviewing the platforms used to collect feedback with the goal of optimizing the process for everyone.

As a result of this review, we have decided to retire avid.venue.ideascale.com effective September 27, 2018. In preparation for this transition, we encourage you to start using the Avid Customer Association or the Avid Link beta app for submitting feedback around product innovations. As part of this transition, we plan to import many of the most popular existing feature requests from IdeaScale at the end of this year.

We look forward to having you continue to share your insight and ideas in 2019 and beyond.

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(@stevegam) kudos icon +


iPhone/iPod/iPad application

Connect to the vpn with a wifi touch or iphone and have a menu system for access to things like osc on/off and assign, output geq and peq access, adjust all aux sends via rows of mini faders mimmicing flip mode(great for one man sound crews). snapshot recalls, console lock...the beat goes on...


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(@dustinwhitt) kudos icon +


Import Show Data

It would be great if there was a quick way to import only certain parts of one show file into another show. Similar to the "Import Session Data" in Pro Tools. When going to a venue that may have complex output routing, patching, processing, etc, it would be great to just import my input channels and leave all of their output stuff alone.


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(@audiosquid) kudos icon +


Link channels (eq, compressor etc.) without making them a stereo pair

lets say I like to double patch a guitar to 2 channels, pan one channel left, pan the other right, use the faders to pan guitar, easy to center with faders eq (and if lucky the sum is perfect for boosting that solo). Gain is linked since it's the same head amp, but all other channel settings are not.

or using 2 mono groups as a stereo group and wanting the eq's to be linked

or multiple outputs to the pa that you want... more »


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(@dannydagher) kudos icon +


Tap Tempo Flash

It would be nice if you could have a visual representation of your tempo somewhere on the console. I think it would be great to have a function switch flash at the tempo you tap, especially if you're using a function switch as a tap tempo.


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(@burpeee) kudos icon +

Ease of Use

Support for 16:9 monitor(s)

I have become used to having everything stretched on my 16:9 monitor that now, 4:3 actually looks funny. However, it would be nice if there was a way to either use the additional real-estate or just clean up the video a little bit.


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(@jeffwuerth) kudos icon +


Aux Faders on Screen (Flip to Faders)

Right now when you target a snapshot with scoped channels that have different fader positions from the current fader positions, the target fader positions are shown in bright red. It would be more useful to monitor applications if when in Filp to Faders mode the Selected Mix (Aux, Group) fader positions were shown on the screen.

This also carries over to the "Inputs" view. Right now Effective gain (VCA contribution)... more »


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